My most important requirement is someone who is not busy and therefore could rea

Posted: January 13th, 2023

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My most important requirement is someone who is not busy and therefore could read a lot about my topic and spend time focusing on my work. I am always open to any suggestions or changes and would willingly make appropriate changes. The person who is willing to help me should have the following skills:
Ability to edit valid questions for a survey.
An excellent English speaker and writer also an expert on analysis design.
Someone who is familiar with the YouTube website and how the educational system works there.
Someone who has had access to and the ability to find academic journals appropriate to the topic
A person who is very good at writing strong and knowledge-based papers of appropriate length.
I am looking for someone with critical and analytical thinking who also has good explanation skills
Great writing skills and the ability to use various recourses
Used and familiar with APA citation format 7th edition. Must use APA citation format 7th.
I use two plagiarism detection tools on the Internet, safe-assign, and Turnitin. So if I see any content without citation and reference will ask for cancellation immediately and no chance to redo it. Of course, I will provide a report for that to show you where you plagiarised. Sorry for the long talk but I am i want you to know that I am looking for free plagiarism work and high quality.
I have no limited number of pages but you are responsible to answer and cover all these instructions.
Notes for The student:
You need to strengthen and refine your study plans so that it is clear exactly what steps you will follow to conduct the study.
You will need to better define the threshold of your study participants. Are they all youtube users? Content creators? Influencers? What are the minimum requirements for the participants? These characteristics are more important than the number.
In many places you use “we” instead of I. that is an old convention and you can use I or another term. This is particularly important because of dissertation and individual nature of this work. We suggests you are working with others.
Add the tables and figers in the beginnig lists pages.
Could consider a case study of exceptional youtubers who have done these things well rather than a lot of people.
This could be a mixed methods study with a handful of exceptional people as well.
This approach would really strengthen your study.
Chapter 1:
Questions 1 and 2 could be combined easily. I think you want to consider:
What seo strategies do youtubers use to improve audience identification and retention?
It would be helpful to include a factor analysis to identify the factors that will be most important.
Question 2: What challenges do youtubers encounter and how do they address these challenges?
Tightening writing- may want to arrange meeting with writing tutors form writing center for support
Need to more work to reorganize -subheadings with very short sections and some subheadings need to be more related
Check all citations to make sure they are not missing
P 23 “This means that” seems that SEOs are focused on commercial youtubers. However there is also a focus on teachers using youtube. How can you justify the use of SEOs for promoting learning.
-you want to address the range of youtubers from individual teachers, those who are trying to help other teachers and those who are seeking commercial success. And as Dr geist said there is a lot of informal ed that goes on and SEO allows users to better find the content they are looking for. This makes the use of Youtube a much more powerful educational tool! You need to emphasize this and discuss it at length.
P 32 using youtube video for teaching. You would benefit from referencing previous IT dissertation that Dr Wu will share
Chapter 3:
P 44 – 45 you need more details for exposure theory
P 43 You need to make more connections between this is theoretical model
How will different levels (beginner, intermediate, etc) be addressed in your study?
3.7.1 factors
You need to explain how you gathered these, including references to the literature they came from. A table indicating these connections would be helpful.
Categories of youtbue videos. Are these the ones?
You need to align how you arrive at your methods in chapter 3:
How will you arrive at your sampling frame?
What do you hope to find by analyzing data?
P 47 Procedures need to be more precise. You need to explain
What statistical tests will you use? (Factor Analysis)
What is the source of the questionnaire?
Has it been used before and tested for reliability? Validity?
All questions need to have a source included and need to be a single question rather than combined questions. Also, make sure that there are no extra questions that do not relate to the actual research questions.
Make connections to the importance of YouTube in education. How do your results influence the way YouTube can be used to improve education?

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