n this course, a discussion is a posting-based platform designed to facilitate s

Posted: November 24th, 2022

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n this course, a discussion is a posting-based platform designed to facilitate student dialog through the sharing of ideas and opinions. Discussion 3 explores three topics and takes place over a one-week period. You will be graded on depth of insight, use of course and topic-related terminology, use of specific examples, and adherence to the guidelines listed below.
You are required to submit posts on at least two different days, and complete two elements:
1. First, submit a 150 word minimum post that addresses only one of the topics listed below, and post it to the discussion by Friday, by copy and pasting your work into the Reply box (which you’ll find below, beneath the rubric table). Be sure to always click the Post Reply button when you’re done.
2. Then, post at least four informative comments (50 words minimum for each) in response to posts by other students. These posts add to and/or build on other student’s comments, providing additional information or perspectives on the topic – this may also include your personal experiences, insights or opinions.
You’ll find the threaded posts of your classmates by scrolling to the bottom of this page. You can reply to a comment already posted by another student by clicking in the reply field below their post. If you choose to submit more than 4 response posts, you may receive extra credit points.
Topics for Discussion 3:
Explain how bebop was both a natural evolution of swing jazz (provide 2 examples), and a rejection of swing jazz (also provide 2 examples), while addressing all 3 of these issues: approaches to improvisation, approaches to composition, and attitudes regarding authenticity.
How does Miles Davis’ “Birth of the Cool” album (and the nonet that he led during 1948-50) confuse common assumptions about race and place, as they related to cool jazz? Then, explain how hardbop represented black identity, by providing at least three detailed examples.
Explain how fusion incorporated aspects of rock, funk, and other non-jazz styles. Provide at least three detailed examples, citing specific artists or bands. What were the primary critiques leveled by jazz journalists and musicians against fusion?

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