National Crime Victimization Survey

Posted: July 9th, 2022

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*The book needed to complete this assignment is Sex Offenders and Criminal Justice, Author: Madden, Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Law & Business; ISBN: 9781454850342
The purpose for these assignments is for you guys to have a chance to reflect on the material.
You have the flexibility to write in first-person if you would like. I want to know your opinions
and thoughts on the topics, all while integrating outside sources to add depth to your arguments.
The way you want to write this paper is completely up to you!
• Choose 3 topics from the book (respective to the appropriate chapters) that you would like to
explore more in depth and talk about
• Use outside sources (news paper articles, peer-reviewed articles, interviews, podcasts, etc) that
expand on your chosen topics
• Minimum of TWO (2) page and a maximum of FIVE (5) pages; DOES NOT include the
reference or cover page [if you choose to include one, not required].
• All papers are to be written in Times New Roman, 11 or 12pt font, single or double spaced
• APA citations
• Minimum of 5 Sources
Example Paper Formatting
Hannah Pruden PSC/ COR 230
July 12 2022
Assignment 1
Introduction (Example purpose statement): I chose these topics for my paper because they…
Topic 1: National Crime Victimization Survey (Chapter 1)
Topic 2: ___
Topic 3: ___
Doe, J. (2020). Title of paper. Publisher, Vol 1(2). 1-110.

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