Outline the facets of change impacting organizations.

Posted: September 9th, 2022

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• Outline the facets of change impacting organizations.
• Develop an understanding of the functions of human resource management (HRM) and how those
functions impact one another.
• Outline the issues and learn strategies for leading and managing dynamics for organizational effectiveness
and high performance (i.e., Job Attitudes, motivational concepts, decision making, power & politics).
• Learn and think critically about the various organizational behavior models and strategies presented.
• Develop insights into one’s own and others’ styles as they contribute to interpersonal and group dynamics
within an organizational setting.
• Discuss, inquire, evaluate, and apply organizational models and strategies to real-life settings.
This week you will post your assessment that you received at the end of your Capsim simulation. Your instructor will provide details on how to access the Capsim simulation. You must complete the entire simulation in order to receive full credit. You will post your assessment results as well as a plan on how you will make any improvements needed. You must include in your plan how you will make improvements in terms of managing talent within an organization.
Requirements for the final product:
2-3 page reflections paper in APA format. A minimum of three scholarly sources to support your reflection. You must also post your Capsim simulation assessment.

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