Paper Length: This should be approximately 600 – 750 words, roughly 3 pages. (Pl

Posted: January 22nd, 2023

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Paper Length: This should be approximately 600 – 750 words, roughly 3 pages. (Please submit your Response Paper as a PDF , DOC or DOCX file.)
Point Value: This assignment will be worth 100 points.
This assignment requires you to do 3 things:
Discuss your understanding of 1 of the 4 Humanities themes in relationship to the film and short story
Provide example from both which you believe illustrate the theme and explain why
Respond to at least 2 students in the class.
Sorry to Bother You- Dir. Boots Riley (2018)
“Am I Blue?” by Alice Walker
This Discussion assignment is asking you to find themes shared by the film STBY and the short story by Alice Walker, “Am I Blue?” I believe all 4 themes are present in both of these works, and I would like you to explore 1 theme and tie the two works together using textual examples from each.
Here are the 4 Humanities themes that we use in our class along with an explanation of the course. We use these to approach works of art throughout different eras in Western society.
They are as follows:
Man’s relationship to self
Man’s relationship to the community / society
Man’s relationship to Nature
The role of undeserved suffering in the human condition
Just choose 1 from the 4 themes listed above- do not try to explain all 4 as you think they relate to the film. Your grade will depend on how well you can choose just 1 theme and argue why both STBY and Am I Blue? illustrate that theme more than the other 3.
Respond to at least 2 students
Remember- there are no judgments here, I am only asking you to respond to someone’s choice of theme. You can either agree with or disagree with what they use as an example. I’m sure that everyone can have a different understanding of what the themes are and how they are represented in both works. I hope that this will allow us to keep an open mind and be respectful of other people’s point of view.
A response of around 4 sentences will be required to meet my expectations. Don’t just respond with one sentence. Explain yourself a little more in your response. Thanks.
Are you using quotes from the film and short story (as well as any relevant outside sources) for this assignment?
Have you made sure to discuss these works using only 1 of the 4 Humanities themes?
Have you responded to at least 2 students?

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