Part 1 of Module 13: Below are links of commercials and show/ movie clips in whi

Posted: January 11th, 2023

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Part 1 of Module 13:
Below are links of commercials and show/ movie clips in which older adults are the focus. Please view these short links and discuss your thoughts when you see these commercials? Do the commercials change/ confirm your thoughts on older adults? How do you think Older Adults react to these images? How can we portray older adults positively?
In addition to discussing older adults in the media, I would like you to also think about technology and aging. Off the top of your head, what have you seen in the marketplace that can help the aging process (whether it be accessibility functions on devices, biomedical equipment, mobility equipment etc.), what is the coolest thing you know of that exists today? What can you find on the internet that would help older adults that is tech based?
Please write at least 250 words answering the above questions, sources are not necessary for Part 1, as this is your genuine thoughts on the portrayal of older adults in the media.
Commercial and movie/ show clip links:
My Big Fat Greek Wedding:
America’s Got Talent:
Ellen Degeneres, “Hey wrinkle Face” commercial:
SNL Commercial Shoot with Will Ferrell:
Ford Mustang commercial:
“Old folks” commercial:
“What old people do for fun” commercial:
“E- trade” commercial:
Chevy commercial:
Taco Bell commercial:
Dove Pro-age Campaign:
Part 2 of Module 13:
After completing Part 1, please look to the Module 13 Resources (in the Forum above) to complete Part 2 of this Module 13 reflection.
Please read the text, as well as view the links and REPLY TO YOURSELF (just as in previous Modules you replied to a classmate, you are doing the same thing, but replying to yourself).? After reading the text, and watching the links in the Module Resources, please reflect on the following questions in a reply to yourself.
Now that you have viewed many commercials and read and watched content addressing the older adult and media, in your opinion, is the media (shows, commercials, movies, advertisements, etc.) depicting older adults accurately? Do you find that you have a positive or negative perception of older adults and how much does the media contribute to your thoughts of older adults (consciously or unconsciously)? Could the images we see of older adults be molding our perceptions of aging? In your opinion, what came first, media forming our perception of older adults, or older adults forming what is projected in media images today? Can you point out what is true and false in media today, in relation to older adults? What are helpful tools to decipher what is real/ true and what is fake?
Moreover, in terms of technology and aging, after viewing some technology used in the field of aging, what are your thoughts on improving the process of aging using technology? How far is too far? Does the use of technologies alleviate or increase the fear that comes with age? What are we missing, technology wise, what more can be done? What would you like to see in the technology space that would/ could alleviate hardships in aging, think creatively, outside the box!
Please answer these questions as the basis of your Part 2 reflection and add any other thoughts you may have on this topic. Your Part 2 reflection must be at least 450 words and include 2 sources.

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