part 1: Use this journal assignment What is your intended major? note: use cybe

Posted: January 24th, 2023

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part 1: Use this journal assignment
What is your intended major? note: use cyber security as major.
Why did you (or will you) choose this major?
What *most* excites you about it and/or the job it will lead to?
Based on what you already know about your major/career field, what kinds of knowledge are produced/consumed within that major/field? (e.g. political scientists study historical events and policy as well as perform statistical analyses of voter attitudes and behaviors).
part 2:
What is a discipline?The basic definition is a “branch of knowledge.” Each “branch” has its own rules, standards, methods, and subjects of study. In higher education, when you declare a major and complete the coursework for that major, you are learning how to become a member of that branch – how to consume and produce knowledge in that branch. Another way we might think about it is as a “lens.” Each discipline has a different kind of lens through which they look at the world. For instance, a biologist looks at the subject of “climate change” very differently than a political scientist or an educator or even another kind of scientist like a geologist. You need to become intimately familiar with the lens of your discipline for this class, but also to succeed in your major and your intended career path. In this unit, you will explore some of the latest knowledge for your specific “branch.”
Objective and RationaleYour objective for this unit is to find a research article in a recent issue of a prominent *scholarly* journal in your field. The goal is to peruse what kind of research has been published in your field in the last several years to give you a better idea of what is studied and how it is studied in your discipline. This will help you pick a better research area to focus on for the Literature Review assignment – one that is actually happening in your field and which is informed by how your field studies its subjects.
InstructionsGoogle something like “best scholarly journals for YOUR FIELD.” For example, if I google “best scholarly journals for economics,” I get a good list of journals from which to choose. When I click on one of those journals, I am taken to their webpage and can peruse the latest issues of that journal. In some cases, I can even download the articles directly from that webpage. However, some journals put their articles behind a paywall. If this is the case for your search, use the library’s “Journals” search to find the journal you want to access.
Make sure that the articles you find are a) research articles (they must have data, analysis, conclusions) and NOT reviews, letters, etc. which can appear in various issues of scholarly journals and b) are peer-reviewed (you can determine this by finding the article in our library database or by going to the journal’s “submission” guidelines and checking to see if they have a peer-review process for submissions.
***By now you should have perused one or several scholarly journals in your field and have a good idea of what kinds of research have emerged in the past few years. Choose one article that you found that interests you the most at attach it to a new thread as a PDF.In the thread itself, please answer the following questions (and feel free to provide any other information that you noticed in your search).
What are some of the main topics that have been published on in the journals you looked at?
What kind of data does your field use to draw its conclusions? (literally, what do they study? e.g. interviews, plasma, photographs, demographics, etc.)
What kind of analytical methods do they use? (how do they study the above data? e.g. code interview answers, analyze passages from legal briefs, observe physical effects of a chemical, etc.)
Be sure to title your thread with the name of your discipline (so that others in your class who have the same or an adjacent discipline can benefit from your discipline research)

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