part 1 For this week, I’d like each of you to explore the field of cyber securit

Posted: January 24th, 2023

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part 1
For this week, I’d like each of you to explore the field of cyber security. I often feel as though some students may not be aware of what types of hard or soft skills employers are seeking. I’d like you to do a search in either Monster, Dice, or Indeed for cyber-related jobs. Use keywords such as “Security+” for entry-level jobs,”forensics”, “security analyst”, or others (let us know what you used). Look through at least 5, but probably 10 positions that interest you and summarize your findings to address 1) the “hard” skills, or technologies (i..e. Windows Server, Unix, Python, etc.) sought, 2) certifications (i.e. Security+, CISSP, SSCP, etc.), and soft skills (communication skills, etc.). Were any of the results surprising to you? How will you modify your resume, or your skill sets, to ensure that you optimize your employability? Many of you will wind up finding many positions requiring security clearances, or several years experience. If you relax the geographic constraints, i.e. not DC/NoVA, you will find this will no longer be the case.
Much of your success finding work upon graduation will be dependent on your ability to effectively search for positions. If you only find ads for experienced personnel, share your results and ask your peers if they have any suggestions for modifying your search terms to find more appropriate positions.
If you are having issues coming up with keywords, I suggest looking at this SANS poster: or view the NIST NICE framework.
Lastly, let me pre-empt the inevitable comment — I am aware that you did this same posting as an assignment in IT 223. However, you are now at least one year removed from IT 223, have a much better understanding of cyber security, possible career paths, and areas that you like and dislike in the field. All that said, you should find yourselves pulling together better, more tailored job searches.
Please provide all citations/links for the postings you viewed in this discussion board thread.
Also, check out this vacancy for another flavor of cyber… Principal Analyst (Strategic Information Sharing) – JD.pdf (

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