Part I The job description plays an important role for job evaluations, performa

Posted: January 10th, 2023

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Part I
The job description plays an important role for job evaluations, performance reviews, and the success of the individual within the organization. All areas of the process rely on the proper analysis and construction of the job description. There are times that the job description and the job posting are one in the same. For this exploration, we are going to look at job description templates and job postings and determine the effectiveness of the design and the impact on intended outcomes. Be sure to do some research on the key differences between job description and job postings.
Job Descriptions: Search online for a minimum of two different job descriptions from various sources. Save and attach descriptions to your initial post. (If there is no option to save, copy and paste the whole job description template into a Word document and attach.)
Job Postings: Search online for a minimum of two job ads or postings from various sources. Copy and paste each job ad and/or posting to a Word document, and attach it to your initial post.
Job Descriptions: Review each job description template, and identify the strengths and weaknesses of each. Compare and contrast the templates, looking for good aspects and poor aspects of each. What is missing for a solid understanding of what the job requires?
Job Postings: Review each posting, and identify the strengths and weaknesses of each posting. Compare and contrast the postings, and define the unimportant pieces of the ads and the information that is lacking for a solid understanding of the expectations. Will the job posting attract the appropriate candidate pool? Why or why not?
After reviewing job description templates and job postings, discuss the various components of the job description template and a job posting. Is it appropriate to use one template for both tasks?
As a human resource manager, assess the importance of job description templates and job posts in human resource planning and how that planning fits within a larger corporate strategy. What design would you recommend when posting for position.
Part II
Identifying the proper classification for each position is an important responsibility of the HR department. Depending on the size of the organization, there are various ways that a classification is decided and put into practice. Larger organizations require specific levels of approval of the classification before implementation, whereas with smaller organizations, the determination is often made by the HR director.
For this discussion, take the role of the HR director in a small organization. The organization is adding two new positions to the workforce, and it is your responsibility to determine the classification and compensation categories for each position. Carefully determine the role of each position and the responsibilities of the position within the organization. Determine the logical classifications for each position. Define and defend each category selected for the position and your reasoning for selecting the options. Support your decisions with resources that defend your choices.
Position 1:
This position is responsible for customer service and responding to the complaints of the consumer. The employee will work a 6-hour day, three days a week, with a rotating shift. This position will report to a supervisor and will have no direct reports.
Position 2:
This position is responsible for all accounts payable and accounts receivable. The employee enters all information into a data system and develops monthly reports for the CFO of the organization. This position has four direct reports that perform a variety of accounting duties. This position works an eight-plus-hour-a-day schedule, five-plus days a week, depending on need.
Classification and Compensation Categories:
Role title
Full-time temporary
Part-time temporary

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