part one Books and Censorship There are 13 questions to answer this week. Please

Posted: January 6th, 2023

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part one
Books and Censorship
There are 13 questions to answer this week. Please answer in detail – no yes or no answers and respond to 2 classmate’s posts by 11:59 pm on Sunday.
1. When, if ever, is book censorship justified?
2. Use examples to explain and defend your answer. Make sure you read Chapter 3 “Books” especially “Controversies” before answering.
3. Read up on the recent Dr. Seuss books that were banned. How do you feel about that? Was it a good idea or not? Explain your reasoning.
4. What are some of the effects of e-books on the general population?
5. What type of reader are you? What effect has your reading style had on your education and your life?
Now, we are living in a time where we are facing censorship in the media. It’s been the focus of many news stories these past few months.
What do you think?
6. Should we ban people from sharing their opinions on social media?
7. Should we take away access to Twitter, Facebook etc… if their opinions or beliefs differ from those who own the social media platforms?
8. Many people agree with banning certain people or groups because they don’t agree with what they are saying. But what happens when eventually someone doesn’t like your opinion or beliefs and wants to ban you from communicating on a social media platform or even having your own website hosted?
9. These are serious questions we all must face. What happens to balanced information if only one side is allowed to speak?
10. What happens to debate or discussion?
11. What happens when the media becomes gatekeepers of information?
12. Do you believe the media should label opposing views as “misinformation” and censor those opinions?
13. Who exactly are the “fact checkers”?
.part two
1. What do YOU think the top 10 movies of all time should be. List them out 1-10.
2. Next to each movie explain why you think it should be in the top 10. It’s ok to look up what experts say are the top 10 films of all time. You may agree or you may not. I want to know what you think. Next to each movie you listed give a brief explanation as to why you included it and its significance.
4. Are there any movies in your list that are also on the official top 10 movies of all time? Everyone’s lists may be very different and that’s ok!
5. Next, share with us YOUR personal top 10 favorite movies. (This is an entirely different list from the first list you made).
6. How have movies impacted your life (childhood and now)? Please include specific movies that have impacted you. Explain in detail.
7. Share with us one movie you think everybody needs to see before they die. 🙂
8. Respond to at least two of your classmate’s posts (make sure they are well thought out posts to earn full points).

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