Person 2- •technology trends & technology insertion opportunities

Posted: November 9th, 2022

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Hey, so we have to write an 20 page paper ( 5 pages a piece) and a 15 minute PowerPoint ( 2 slides a person & have to present your slides) the marketing research is “The dean of the business school has come to your marketing research class asking for a study about the reasons behind the drop in the students’ enrollement and to create a marketing plan to increase it”. He gave us 9 topics he want us to cover in the paper . I’m covering 3 and put together the topics below you can pick which topics you want to chose. Paper is due November 11th let’s get 2 pages done per person by November 4th so we can start working on the presentation as well which is due the 12th
Person 1( kayla)- •product/ service description
• target market
• Market Research Techniques Used
Person 2- •Technology Trends & Technology Insertion Opportunities
• Competitor Survey
Person 3 – •Environmental Impact Considerations & Certification Requirements
•Performance Requirements
Person 4- •Product Data
•Conclusions and Recommendations

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