Please respond to discussion below using Current APA 7th edition and 2-3 referen

Posted: January 19th, 2023

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Please respond to discussion below using Current APA 7th edition and 2-3 references within the past 4-5 years. Must be at least 150 words.
Primary Care NP Role vs. APN Roles
Advanced Practice Nurses (APNs) and Nurse Practitioners (NPs) are professional nurses with a gigantic knowledge base and
clinical practice skills. These two groups of registered nurses usually utilize clinical competencies to ensure effective practice and
delivery of holistic care based on the guidelines within their scope of practice (Schober et al., 2020). The dynamic changes in the U.S
healthcare system have greatly diversified the professional roles of APNs and NPs in clinical settings. This discussion will explore various
differences and similarities in APNs and NPs’ roles, and how those roles can be communicated to clients and other healthcare
Role Similarities
To start with the similarities, both APNs and NPs offer holistic nursing services in diverse healthcare settings, including clinics,
long-term care facilities, hospitals, and outpatient facilities. The similar professional roles of APNs and NPs include conducting nursing
diagnosis and patient assessments (Lowe et al., 2012). Additionally, both NPs and APNs prescribe medications depending on the state
laws or regulations. Depending on state regulations on the scope of practice, both NPs and APNs also admit patients and are actively
involved in discharge planning (Lowe et al., 2012). Another similar role between the two groups of MSN-prepared nurses is providing
patient-centered health education to specific patients and their families.
Role Differences
Despite the identified similarities, APNs and NPs have some different professional roles. First, APNs specializations includes roles
like midwifery, clinical nurse specialists, or nurse anesthetist (Schober et al., 2020). On the other hand, NPs generally perform their
professional roles or duties as primary care providers, specifically in clinics or private practice because they can practice independently
depending on state regulations. The roles of NPs are expanded in states where MSN-prepared registered nurses have the prescriptive
authority and can practice independently from physicians. Second, unlike NPs, the APNs require certification to practice in specialty
settings. Generally, the roles of NPs and APNs vary considerably because NPs’ roles majorly focus on primary care while APNs provide
specialized care (Schober et al., 2020).
Communicating the Roles
When communicating to other healthcare providers and potential consumers concerning the APNs and NPs’ roles, it is important
to specify the areas of professional practice for the two nursing groups (Schober et al., 2020). It is essential to ensure that clients and
other healthcare practitioners understand that Advanced Practice Nurses specialize in various areas, including geriatric and women’s
health (midwives). Moreover, it is crucial to inform clients and other healthcare providers that Nurse Practitioners provide a wide range
of professional health care services, particularly in primary care setting (Lowe et al., 2012). Generally, highlighting the scope of practice
for APNs and NPs would allow clients and other healthcare practitioners understand how their professional roles may slightly differ
depending on the state regulation or laws.
In conclusion, the professional roles of APNs and NPs are important in different healthcare setting because the two groups of
MSN-prepared nurses help meet the holistic needs of individual patient by emphasizing on comprehensive health assessment, health
promotion, disease prevention, and personalized treatment approaches. The expertise of both APNs and NPs in diverse healthcare
settings enables them provide comprehensive, high-quality, patient-centered care.

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