Please respond to Sarah with 170 words Provide a detailed definition of FTT. F

Posted: January 20th, 2023

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Please respond to Sarah with 170 words
Provide a detailed definition of FTT.
Failure to Thrive (FTT) is diagnosed when a child’s growth height, weight, or development is remarkably below schedule or is significantly lower than other children within the same age group and same sex. Usually, the rate of change in weight and height rather than measurements. Failure to thrive can occur because of environmental factors or medical causes.
What type of environment might an infant be in that could cause FTT?
Some environmental causes of failure to thrive include neglect due to parental withdrawal, rejection or hostility, poverty or economic problems that can affect living conditions, nutrition, poor eating habits, and even exposure to infections parasites, or toxins.
Discuss precautions that parents or caregivers can take in order to recognize FTT and what they can do to help their infant.
Some signs other than a child’s size are a delay in physical development such as rolling over, crawling, sitting up, and walking, Mental and social skills may be slow to develop, and in adolescents, secondary sexual characteristics are also delayed. There are many ways to treat a child with failure to thrive but it depends on the cause. If nutritional factors are the cause the parents maybe need to be educated and aided to provide a well-balanced and nutritional diet. If it is from neglect or family dysfunction, the household and parents will need to be evaluated for intentional abuse, or parental education and therapy. If the child’s mother is experiencing postpartum depression she will need to be evaluated and may need medication.
Lastly, it is important that support (mental, emotional, educational, etc.) for parents or caregivers be readily available. What type of support or guidance would you offer to a family whose infant is failing to thrive?
Make sure to communicate with your doctor as well as your child’s doctor. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or accept help from friends and family, your and your child’s health is most important. Take all the help you can get from your doctor and the community resources available to you.
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