Please respond to the following five questions.

Posted: July 13th, 2022

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Please respond to the following five questions. You many use any course materials to help you prepare your answer. However, you may NOT use any outside resources, including internet searches or discussions with classmates. Instead, your response should reflect your own thinking about these issues as it has developed throughout the semester. Since you will only be using class resources in your responses, you do not need to cite sources or provide a works cited page. While I will grade your responses solely based on content rather than length, a general guideline that may be useful to you is that I would expect responses to each question to be approximately one half to one full page (typed, double spaced) in length. I encourage you to type your responses in a separate document to prevent your progress from being lost due to technical difficulties.
1. Choose one of the following issues: mental illness, unplanned pregnancy, homelessness, illiteracy, loneliness. Analyze that issue from a sociological perspective by identifying at least two social factors that help to explain the existence of the issue. Be sure to describe how precisely the factors you identify could be seen as a cause of the issue.
2. Describe how a functionalist, a conflict theorist, and a symbolic interactionist would analyze the issue you chose for Question #1. Make sure you include all three perspectives in your response.
3. One of the major debates within sociology is the extent to which members of a society are able to exercise free will versus the extent to which their choices are constrained by social forces. Describe the ways society influences and controls the behavior and opportunities of its members. In your opinion, to what extent do these forces leave room for individuals to exercise agency and act independently?
4. Due to the significant social progress that has been made over the past several decades, many citizens and commentators have made the argument that various forms of inequality are largely a thing of the past. Please respond to the argument that social inequality has largely been eliminated in contemporary American society. Choose ONE dimension that we covered in the course (class, race, or gender) and make a case for or against continued inequality. You should support your argument with material covered in the course.
5. Identify a major way in which our society is currently changing that we have NOT already discussed in the course. Describe the elements that you believe are contributing to this social change as well as the consequences of this change.

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