Please respond  your next Discussion Board

Posted: July 14th, 2022

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Please respond 
your next Discussion Board, please answer the following:
“Distraction happens more often than we realize in many aspects of our lives.
“A few months ago, I was driving on the interstate in our motor home towing a car. There is no backing up in that
“Within a few miles of our exit, a mysterious “ding” sounded at the dashboard periodically. My copilot wife and I
started troubleshooting for the source of the warning.
“Only an accidental glance up saved us from missing our exit. Yet, other consequences were possible when tired
at the end of a long day. For example: 1. A quick lane change resulting in a collision with a car on the right. 2.
Attempting (stupidly) a U-Turn with corresponding ticket. 3. Going to the next exit some 30 miles away with
resulting extra tiredness, frustration and anger.
“Yet, the warning ding couldn’t be ignored entirely.
“Please offer at least one good safe procedure my wife and I could use in the future, should we hear the ding again
while driving.
Standing by……..

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