Please submit the report properly by clicking on the external tool button at the end of the page.

Posted: July 15th, 2022

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Please do not include facts in this report. Your opinion is the most important part of this activity. Do not forget to submit on time to avoid grade deductions.–sOR6oWs-kCRW~jK2I6JRVGCJ8MoDHO3XCeMw~NN8xAmhfasNVyc6wCvOocaUHd8COWYg-KleqPEIkC5hKre4tpK9lsHDoB1rcT4rLN3xiClMSas-A7RB1ihilAWUP79dJiD6vQmpfZV23VcPyR7ZGTsvpav1Q7Q6xoCqTZiJCCjkxKjKwCMjCA2P971cJbtjwZvu9ylxRkcYsbI-ziDqq8QNZbOUI0OfVfcn9Q1l~gx6McASxKA9Vii7gcKQ5GTwpNZ6gkroyQjmzrqWqRem5w__&Key-Pair-Id=APKAJLP4NHW7VFATZNDQ
View the video above. The video is part of the Live Aid concert played in London in 1985. Freddie Mercury was the frontman for the band Queen and they performed “We are the champions” as part of their presentation on that day. You are expected to use the knowledge gained in class by reporting your opinion about the instruments used in the clip, the singer, how much do you know about the composer(s) (Queen) and the elements of the music of this clip. Please include at least 500 words in your report and be original. This is an OPINION report, please do not include facts direct from your sources. You are required to based the report on your own personal opinion.
Please submit the report properly by clicking on the external tool button at the end of the page. Please do not submit .pdf or Apple (.pages) files.
Please DO NOT attach your submission file in the Comment box. Please submit the report properly by clicking on the external tool button at the end of the page.
Only use a Word document for assignments. Please do not include .pages, Powerpoint or PDF documents.
DO NOT include the questions in your reports. These questions are only to inspire your creativity.
My recommendation is that you approach this assignment as a personal opinion on the song, the performer, the band and the emotions that it elicits in you personally. Your grade will depend on how well you use the musical terms used during the semester in class. Writing this report in the first person will assist you in staying away from similarities with any of the websites that you may or may have not visited.
As a teacher, i am most interested to know how much did you learned during the semester. So, pour all your knowledge into the paper and stay away from quoting the opinion of others.
Below are some suggested ideas for you to use. However, please DO NOT use them as questions to be answered. These are just some suggestions for you to think of as you develop your own report.
Is the melody easy to remember?
Can you hear more than one major theme in this work? If so, could you elaborate a bit
Is the harmony consonant or dissonant?
Does harmony determine how one perceives the music or it is determined by other elements? Please elaborate
Is the rhythm an important part of this piece?
What colors (emotions) you can describe as you listen to this movement?
Is the texture (the instruments used) rich or thin at some points? Please elaborate
Can you hear an underlying story about the music?
Can you hear a basic structure in this movement?
What is your personal opinion on this musical clip?
The associated rubric will be used to provide a score and feedback–please be sure to review the rubric before starting and before submitting your assignment. Be sure to use this Report Rubric Download Report Rubricwhile completing your report to make sure it meets all of the requirements.

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