Please write 2 pages outline for my assignment

Posted: July 13th, 2022

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Please write 2 pages outline for my assignment, after the prof approve, I will place an order for the final.
Length: The body of the Outline/Final reports (i.e., Introduction to Reection, inclusive) will be constrained to a maximum of nine pages, with page limits for each section as specied above. Page restrictions will be strictly enforced; TAs are directed not to read any section materials that extend beyond the established page limits. The Literature Cited pages are not included in the total page count, and will be as long as necessary to provide full references for all literature cited in the body and gure captions of the report (including the course textbook).
Font and Line Spacing: The text should use Calibri or Times New Roman consistently throughout the report, 12-point font. The body of the report will be formatted with double line-spacing. Literature Cited will be formatted with hanging indents, single-spaced within reference, empty space between references. The two Figure captions will be single-spaced, full, standalone descriiptions (no reference to text required to understand) of content and major factors to notice. The Appendix caption will be single-spaced, standalone with explicit reference to the course textbook as source (full reference provided in Literature Cited).

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