Post 2 replies to classmates minimum of 175 words. Be constructive and professio

Posted: January 4th, 2023

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Post 2 replies to classmates minimum of 175 words. Be constructive and professional.
Response #1
Delegation is an important nursing skill that needs to be utilized to ensure quality patient care that involves good, effective communication and entrusting staff to make decisions based on their judgment, but it needs to be done properly (National Guidelines for Nursing Delegation, 2019). Delegation can help improve patient care by freeing up time for the nurse to make sure documentation is done correctly and all the medications have been passed in a timely manner. I have found three things I could do to improve my delegation skills would be, 1. Fine-tune my communication skills 2. Stay up to date with state and local rules, regulations, and procedures regarding delegation 3. Make sure to follow up with the delegatee and patient. Following these guidelines will improve my delegation skills because without good communication things can get missed and if things get missed, patient safety becomes a concern. If I’m not up to date on the rules, regulations, and procedures I could delegate something to someone that is not allowed which will cause a legal issue and this too will become a patient safety concern. By following up with the delegatee and patient I am assuring what was asked was done and done correctly. If I am following the guidelines, I can positively influence others, which will help me pass my skills on to others. Leading by example goes a long way in the nursing field and contributes to safe, quality patient care.
National Guidelines for Nursing Delegation [PDF]. (2019). NCSBN.
Response #2
The delegation process is when decisions are made regarding support from staff qualified to perform delegating task. These 3 points can help improve my delegation skills:
1) As a licensed nurse, when delegating we must be sure that what is to be delegated must be appropriate for the practice setting as well as the care being matched with the skills and knowledge of the staff. These while following the states jurisdiction.
Being up to date with state provisions can facilitate what the nurse is allowed to delegate to staff members. By assessing the patients situation and being up to date with patient care, the nurse can safely delegate non-clinical reasoning task to supporting staff.
2) Communication with the delegatee who is assisting in patient care.
Evidence shows that the better the communication between the nurse and the delegatee, the more optimal the outcome (Corazzini, Anderson, Mueller, Hunt-McKinney et al., 2013). It is our responsibility as a licensed nurse to regularly communicate with the supporting staff.
3) As a licensed nurse as well as part of the direct patient care provider, we must be open for questions as well as guidance. This includes in assisting delegatee if patients condition change.
Throughout the patients care there will be times were their condition might change. As nurses, we must use our judgement throughout their care. As we delegate we must be reminded that overall accountability rest completely in our hands.
By being a supporting leader and not just a “boss” we an inculcate the idea of being prepared for the unexpected and to always be open for questions and teaching at any given moment. To make an atmosphere where its a team effort and not a “one man job”, can lead to better communication between staff and caregivers as well as better patient outcome.
NCSBN (2019) National Guidelines for nursing delegation.…

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