prepare a 3-year strategic business plan.

Posted: July 14th, 2022

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Allegiant Air has had many changes since 2014. The company currently operates as a low-cost carrier. There is uncertainty in the industry due to COVID-19 which has affected revenues, stock prices, and consumer demand. From the information provided in the case as well as your independent research,
prepare a 3-year strategic business plan.
Read the case for highlights of the company and its initiatives.
Conduct research on the company through its website, annual statements, Yahoo Finance, Hoovers, and so forth.
Conduct research on scholarly peer-reviewed articles to support the analysis of your internal and external assessments along with your proposed strategy formulation.
Utilize the Strategic Management Analysis Template (XLSX) Download Strategic Management Analysis Template (XLSX) to assist with your analysis.
Use the Allegiant Research Paper Template (DOCX) Download Allegiant Research Paper Template (DOCX)and prepare your research paper according to the requirements and guidelines below.
An 8-10-page research paper (excluding appendices, table of contents, abstract, reference, and bibliography) is required in this course. You will conduct research on Allegiant Air. This paper will be prepared consistent with the current APA Publication Manual and will have a minimum of ten separate references (no wikis, encyclopedias, or dictionaries).
Some of the bibliography and references will most likely come from the firm, e.g., source documents, annual reports, and financial statements. As such, this reduces the need for peer-reviewed sources. However, peer-reviewed sources are still important and should be listed in the bibliography/reference section(s) and cited in the paper as appropriate.
Also, the research paper will be prepared consistent with the following guidelines:
Introduce the various topics that will be addressed in the research paper. Identify the method(s) that will be used to collect the data for the topics and how that data will be evaluated.
Participate in a brief discussion of the firm to include its principal goods and services, market share, and geographic locations where it operates. This should include the firm’s vision and mission statements as well as major competitors.
Complete an internal assessment of the firm. This should include an evaluation of the financial ratios, current and proposed organizational chart, market position of firm and competitors, current marketing strategy, value chain analysis, social media platform, and 10 most important strengths and weaknesses (SW).
Complete an external assessment of the firm. This should include an evaluation of the major competitors, competitive profile, key industry trends, and 10 most important opportunities and threats (OT).
Complete a strategy formulation of the firm that incorporates SDGs in the strategy of the organization. This should include your complete SWOT analysis with strategies that you recommend. Provide specific strategies and costs.
Complete a strategy implementation for the firm. This should include your earnings per share before taxes, analysis on how to finance the change, i.e. stock or debt. Include your projected income statement and balance sheet with retained earnings calculations, along with your projected financial ratios.
Complete strategy evaluation for your firm. This should include a Balanced Scorecard to reflect financial and non-financial objectives of your recommendations.
Looking at the table of employee comments, focus on 2015 in particular where the scores were particularly low. Investigate what was going on at the time that led to such low scores. What has happened since to push these numbers back up?
What social sustainability actions and initiatives should Allegiant Air take in the future to maintain its reputation and keep its place on the list of top low-cost carrier airlines?
Considering the information presented on aircraft maintenance and the repercussions from employees, the press, and regulatory agencies, do you think the use of older aircraft to lower aircraft ownership costs is a sustainable business decision?
How can Allegiant Air show evidence of addressing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) specifically targeted for the aviation industry?
Based on the strategic decisions of management, how have those impacted the financial status of the organization?
Based on the information presented here, analyze the steps taken by Allegiant Air since the coronavirus pandemic. How will this affect future business? Consider both the employee and customer perspectives.
The discussion should provide a brief summary of the previous sections and the conclusions you have reached.
Organize your research paper to logically flow and address all requirements. This research paper will be graded on both content and format.

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