Prepare a PowerPoint presentation with the below content areas.

Posted: July 19th, 2022

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Develop a presentation using Adobe creative suite
software, PowerPoint,
Prepare a PowerPoint presentation with the below content areas. Also look on YouTube to got the Ted video on the correct way to do a PowerPoint Presentation, also I want the same person that wrote my last two papers
To Do{
1. The presentation should address the following Content areas:
1. Central constructs for the theory,
2. What causes dysfunction in the theory’s view?
3. What is the nature of therapy for this model?
4. Role of assessment (Does the model encourage a careful diagnostic interview? Self-
report testing? Other forms of assessment?)
o Role of the client and the counselor
 (Is the counselor directive/non-directive? Educational? Active or Passive?)
What personal qualities in the client will help the client take a role that
will help the therapy be successful?
• Goals of therapy
 What is the therapy trying to accomplish? For example, traditional
psychoanalytic therapy is trying to help the client resolve unconscious
conflicts and to resolve the transference reaction with the therapist. What
is your therapy model trying to do?
• Example techniques (Here are some sample techniques. There are many more.
Interpretation of unconscious processes? Identification of cognitive distortions?
Utilization of coping skills (such as relaxation training, assertiveness training,
• the therapy process (How does the therapy develop over time?)
5. One or more case examples to demonstrate the therapy
6. Critique of the theory
o How well-supported is this theory empirically?
o What aspects of this theory need further research?
o How well does the theory address faith and cultural dimensions?
o How compatible is this theory to a Christian worldview?
 Any recommended modifications, additions, or deletions to make the
theory more compatible with the Christian worldview?
 Any areas for further theological reflection related to this theory?
7. Key resources to learn this approach
2. User creativity in the development of this presentation. You may develop a
PowerPoint presentation: however, you may also utilize an Adobe creative suite software, make
PowerPoint,. There are possibilities to complete this assignment.
databases (specifically, see the Counseling and Therapy in Video online database and the
PsycTherapy online database Youtube). Thus, you may be able to
create brief therapy clips from these that can be incorporated into the presentation. Also,
therapy demonstrations can sometimes be found on YouTube or other websites. Include therapy
sample links if available as a part of the presentation.
Please see attached file

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