Prepare forms and documents related to Family Law.

Posted: January 23rd, 2023

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Prepare forms and documents related to Family Law. court site has free forms:
(1) Prepare a complaint for a no-fault default for the parties listed below. Locate forms that apply in your state. Create addresses and supply other information that applies in your jurisdiction. (Complaint)
Husband/Defendant: George B. Samuels; Wife/Plaintiff: Anna H. (nee Jacobs) Samuels; Date of Marriage: 7/4/2016 Children: Hannah, born 10/12/2018, and Brent, born 2/14/2020.
(2) Prepare a financial affidavit using the forms required in your state for the above defendant George Samuels from assignment (1) above. Create financial information that is consistent with the costs and income in your community. (Affidavit)
(3) Assume plaintiff Anna Samuels from assignment (1) above does not work outside the home. Defendant George Samuels earns $6000 per month. Using the Child Support Guidelines for your state, what amount of child support might a court order the defendant to pay for the support of 2 minor children? If possible, show your child support guidelines worksheet (unless your state does not include 1 in the form). (Child Support)
(4) Draft a separation agreement or divorce judgment that addresses the typical issues that would be resolved or ordered in the Samuels’ divorce. Note: Cal. Courts also refer to this document as a “marital settlement agreement” that’s often attached as the sole exhibit to a divorce judgment if the parties amicably resolve differences. (Agreement/Judgment)
(5) Assume in the Samuels case above that defendant G. Samuels file for sole custody of the minor children, alleging plaintiff A. Samuels in an alcoholic and thus unfit to care for the children. Write a short 1-page memo indicating the types of evidence the court would consider in determining who should have custody of the minor children. (Memo)

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