project one overview discussion post To complete this assignment, read through t

Posted: January 13th, 2023

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project one overview discussion post
To complete this assignment, read through the Project One overview below and post a reply. Your reply can be questions you have about the project or possible research topic ideas you want to share with the class. Your fellow students will be able to see your questions and thoughts, along with your instructor’s response. To receive credit, youmust post a response to this discussion.
Project One Overview
Project 1 asks you to develop your knowledge of the research process and to engage in finding and evaluating different types of sources. You will start by choosing a potential topic and identifying a research question from a set of exercises you will do as part of your class work, along with guidance from your instructor. The topic and research question will be used for the exploratory research essay in the next project. Once your topic is chosen and you are thinking of a research question, you will begin to gather sources — you’ll need a minimum of 5 sources for Project 1: Research Planning Report. This report should be a minimum of 750 words and run about 3-5 pages.
Your efforts in Project 1 to identify a topic and collect and summarize sources will act as the foundation for Project 2. Project 1, therefore, requires careful thought and planning so it makes a solid foundation for the next project. You’ll have instructor guidance throughout, and you’ll engage in many different activities designed to help you plan and write about your research in Project 2.
Project 2 is not an argumentative research essay, meaning you aren’t tasked with persuading your audience or taking a stance on an issue, but rather you are raising a question, exploring it through research, and developing ideas around your topic and question. When you write your research essay you will be informing your audience about the full and complex context of your topic and the significance of your question within it. You may not present a solution per se, but you will arrive at a conclusion about the significance of and possibilities for solutions or further exploration into the issue or topic.
The 5 sources used in Project 1 do not have to be used in Project 2, but students should make clear whether or not these initial sources help them better-understand their specific research question. In Project 1, you will engage with each source to determine their appropriateness for use in Project 2, and explain how and why you came to this decision. It is common for students to find sources that are “close, but not quite” in Project 1, and rather than discarding these sources or assuming any source that is “close enough” is acceptable, students will critically analyze their sources’ relevance to their larger research efforts, and determine additional sources that might be needed.
Project 1 will incorporate guided self-review activities and will include a peer review process. In both, you’ll be able to see how some of your fellow students are researching their own topics and provide helpful feedback to them as well as see potential similarities and differences with your own approach to research.
In addition to the research planning report, you’ll write a short reflection that asks you to discuss rhetorical decisions you made during the process of working on this project.
What You’re DoingYou are writing a 750-word minimum (3-5 pages) Research Planning Report that presents an overview of your topic, the research question that guides your exploration, and the sources you find in this part of the research process. In Project 1 you will: evaluate the sources you’ve found so far (5 minimum), analyze why you discarded or kept certain sources, identify areas you still need to explore or predict further research you need to conduct to gather additional useful sources, and suggest a potential approach or ideas around which you might organize and present this research in Project 2.
You’ll also incorporate ideas from the project readings about research and rhetorical concepts. You will consider the following questions when beginning your research: “What do I know about research and sources? How do I know which sources are right for my purpose? How do I evaluate sources?” Project 1 will act as preparation for the research essay, and the sources you find in Project 1 will carry over to Project 2.
This project will focus our attention on key concepts about writing that will serve you not only in the rest of this class, but also in the rest of your degree work and beyond. You’ll develop an understanding of academic research expectations and writing concepts like audience, purpose, knowledge, analysis, and others that help you improve your writing in future situations, especially in academic and research-based writing.
In Project 1, you will think rhetorically about your topic and also project/anticipate how you will attempt to complete the research essay in Project 2. All submitted work should be in the format appropriate to your topic — which might be APA format or MLA format (or another academic format you choose like Chicago, with instructor approval) — and it should include a bibliography (i.e. References in APA format) that does not count towards the final page count and in-text citations according to the citation style you are using.
The Research Planning Report should address the following:
What is the specific topic you are exploring for P1? Be as detailed as possible and include any subtopics you might explore. Provide a summary and brief review of your topic, complete with information about the significance of this topic and the purpose of communicating about it to potential audiences.
What question are you following to guide and organize your research? What have you discovered so far and what else do you think you’ll discover or want to know about your topic?
Who are your anticipated audiences for this information, specifically? Why would the research you’re planning to write about matter to your anticipated audiences?
What information have you found so far from your sources, and how well do those sources support your proposed topic? Do you have one or more key ideas you want to feature in your essay, and what are they if so? Explain in detail. What other sources do you think you might need going forward? What source material/evidence are you missing?
Thoroughly explain your plan for researching your topic for the research essay in P2. What kinds of research will you look at in addition to what you have already found? Where will you search for additional sources (not search engines or the library, but which scholarly journals or other sources might be applicable?) Which popular sources might you search for? Where are the gaps in your research that you hope to fill in?
Now that you have read the P1 overview, complete this discussion assignment by responding here with three comments and three questions about what you’ll be doing in P1. In order to receive full credit, you must post three comments/insights and three questions/anything unclear to you.—————————————————————
P1.1 understanding research assignment
Academic Research Writing: What is it?
What is Academic Writing? by L. Lennie Irvin
For this assignment, complete the readings above and post a response in less than 250 words to the following questions:
What surprises you about academic writing according to the readings? What do you find interesting or problematic, and why?
In a few sentences, how would you describe what academic writing is?
What kinds of research have you experienced in the past? Have you used search engines to find information, and have you used library resources? What kinds of writing using research have you done in the past?
What are you hoping to learn about the research process and about research writing?

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