Provide a brief statement outlining how you will analyze the data once it is collected.

Posted: September 22nd, 2022

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Please see attached for the literature review and a word document with the instructions. It is easier to read on the word document but I have copy and pasted these instructions below as well.
Using the insights about the relevant sub-topics and lines of inquiry acquired in the attached literature review for the analysis of why we make decisions develop a basic proposal for a research study that you could conduct to add to the knowledge in this area.
You will include the following sections in your proposal:
Title Page
Abstract – In approximately 250 words, provide a brief summary of your purpose/objectives, rationale for the study, statement about the methods to be employed, and expectations of outcomes.
Statement of the Problem – Briefly provide a summary of the problem that you will try to solve or information that you will try to obtain.
Research Question – Building on your problem statement, construct a testable research question that will guide your study.
Statement of Purpose – Provide a rationale for why this study is meaningful and contributes to the body of knowledge in the field and/or attempts to fill gaps in the current research literature. Why would this study be meaningful to others in the field?
Variables and Measures
What are the specific, operationally defined variables that you will examine in this study? Include all that apply, but keep this proposed study simple and straightforward.
What instruments will you use to measure these variables? Why are they appropriate?
Population and Sample
Who (or what) are the participants in this study?
What is the larger population of interest from which you will draw your sample?
How will your sample be selected?
Data Collection
Describe specifically what data you need to collect and how, where, and when you would collect this data.
Be detailed and specific, and explain why these methods are appropriate for this study.
Data Analysis
Provide a brief statement outlining how you will analyze the data once it is collected. Include the specific statistical tests that you will employ.
Explain why the methods you chose are appropriate.
Include a reference section following current APA guidelines.

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