Provide a treatment strategy that addresses the pathophysiology of the problem

Posted: September 16th, 2022

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Descriiption: Identify a neurology, integumentary, cardiovascular, oncology, endocrinology, or pulmonology topic and design a mini case study.
The topic should be something specific enough to be able to cover the pathophysiology of the focus concisely. For example, instead of picking a person with hypertension and then trying to summarize all the pathophysiological features of that disease, it would be more appropriate to focus on an aspect or relationship
between a risk factor and disease.
Some CV examples would include – an adult with hypertension and obstructive sleep apnea
(The focus of discussion would be the impact of OSA on the CVS), a person with secondary
hypertension, a hypertensive emergency, a person with diastolic heart failure. Choose
something that has recent research literature and that has adequate complexity.
Criteria Possible
Case should demonstrate the issue and include pertinent subjective and
objective data.
10 points
Discuss the pathophysiology of the topic area in detail AND using at LEAST 2
ORIGINAL research articles that are NO OLDER than 5 years, and ONE
review article or appropriate website reference. The discussion should
demonstrate synthesis of the information from the articles.
Your text cannot be used as a source. Scholarly discussion of the physiology
involved in the case issue that demonstrates synthesis of information.
40 points
Provide a treatment strategy that addresses the pathophysiology of the
problem and describe the physiologic basis for the treatment(s) you have
chosen. You do NOT have to discuss ALL the different treatment options,
choose your treatment plan, and support your plan with evidence.
Concise summary of treatment plan SUPPORTED by evidence and linked to the
pathophysiology of the issue.
40 points
Inclusion of appropriate resources with appropriate citations using APA 7
th ed.
Grammar, punctuation, and spelling will be closely evaluated in this project.
10 point

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