Provide an introductory paragraph to this section here (1 paragraph).

Posted: November 6th, 2022

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This is a section divider page; title it appropriately and make it look however you want, and use
the same theme/colors for the other section divider pages. See pages 6, 51, 58, 80, 86, 88, and
92 of the Tindale Oliver proposal for an example of what this looks like in a real proposal.
In this section, you will use the work your team completed in the Project Idea Worksheet during
Team Meeting 2.
Project Proposal
Provide an introductory paragraph to this section here (1 paragraph).
[Name/title of project idea]
Provide a detailed description of your proposed project idea (2-3 paragraphs). Use information
from the “Idea” table as well as the “Compare and Contrast” table.
Key Demographics for Consideration
Include a 2-3 sentence introduction to this section
List the top 5 demographic groups your team identified in the Project Idea Worksheet
Top Three Demographic Groups Impacted
Include the top three groups determined by your team here. Include polished publishs of the
descriptions your team developed in the Project Idea Worksheet
Top Demographic Group Impacted
Include a polished publish of the description your team generated in the Project Idea Worksheet.
Ensure that your explanations for why this group is important for consideration and how your
project will impact them are very clear.
Alternatives Considered
Here, you will discuss the other project idea that your team considered in the Project Idea
Worksheet. You will
[Name/title of project idea]
Provide a brief description (1 paragraph) of this alternative project idea and why you thought it
was a good idea to consider.
In a new paragraph, discuss why you decided that your proposed project idea is better.
Importantly, you do not want to make this alternative sound like a “bad” idea; rather, you want
to show your readers that your team had two good ideas, that you thoughtfully considered
both alternatives, and that you determined that your proposed idea was better. Providing
alternatives demonstrates that your team is flexible, thoughtful, and analytical. It also offers
your prospective client an alternative option – even if you like your proposed idea better.
Finally, if a rival engineering team or firm proposes this alternative option as their main idea,
your explanation for why your proposed idea is better than the alternative may persuade your
prospective client that you’re right, and that they want to go with your team, your firm, and
your idea.

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