Question: what sources does martin luther use to justify his argument?

Posted: November 2nd, 2022

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Question: What sources does Martin Luther use to justify his argument?
1. a 20-word (no more!) thesis in bold at the top, directly answering the
2. One or two paragraphs (approximately 300-350 words) of
argumentation and analysis supporting the thesis. It may be helpful to
use one or two brief quotes from the reading here
3. One question that you have after the reading (either a point of
clarification or a topic of discussion)
*(Only use the document I provide please do not use anything else but this document)
*(I attached an example of how it should look like)
*(Has to be in your own words please do not plagiarize from the article I am giving you)
*(Basically, I need you to respond to the prompt in your own words, and if you choose to support your argument using quotes from the text, you need to use quotation marks and page numbers in parenthetical citation.)

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