Questions from the professor are below. I have the article “Bullard Environmenta

Posted: November 30th, 2022

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Questions from the professor are below. I have the article “Bullard Environmental Justice” attached.
I have chosen the Flint, Michigan water crisis. If you google Flint water crisis, you will see plenty of articles on the matter and if you type in Flint water crisis racism, you will also find plenty of articles. This is a Race and Power class and this assignment is focusing on environmental racism.
*Instructions –
Bullard, “Environmental Justice in the 21st Century: Race Still Matters”
Two additonal sources to research the community and environmental issue you have selected (and remember to identify the sources used at the end of your write up).
Find a community (within the U.S. – perhaps your own – or in another part/s of the world) that is NOT mentioned in the Bullard article which has experienced and/or is experiencing environmental racism through a particular issue or set of issues.
Must confine it to the time period between 2002 – the present.

If you are not familiar with a particular community that has experienced environmental racism, then you can play around with keywords such as race and environmental justice and social movements as well as a words that speak to particular environmental issues and/or a particular racial/ ethnic community.
Cite all borrowed ideas
1. Concisely, summarize the history of the issue within the community selected. (Length ~ 15 lines — one paragraph)
2. Informed by at least two characteristics of the environmental justice framework presented by Bullard ,
3.How has the problem been framed by those who are mobilizing around/addressing the problem?
4. What steps have been taken to bring attention to the problem and/or to solve the problem? And by whom ? Include in your answer challenges/obstacles and successes (if any). (Length: 30-40 lines = equivalent to 1 1/2 – 2 pages )

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