Read chapters 1 & 2 in the book below and follow directions on the Personal WV s

Posted: January 11th, 2023

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Read chapters 1 & 2 in the book below and follow directions on the Personal WV shift Essay instructions document uploaded in the files section when writing this essay. APA double spaced 2 to 3 pages. I also uploaded my testimony Out of the Darkness into the Light paper you can use to write this essay.
Sunshine, Glenn. (2009) Why You Think the Way You Do: The Story of Western Worldviews from Rome to Home.
Here are some Notes for you to use from my instructors lecture by Brekke, Gregg
A worldview is a set of life orienting presuppositions or assumptions that we hold of the basic makeup of our world.
How we see reality is one aspect of a worldview and how we live out that vision completes the picture. Worldview is a combination of head and heart.
Seeing a picture is never the same as living the life of the picture.
(A vision for Life) Worldview
A worldview is Human desires & choices
A worldview is a matter of the heart
A worldview is what one believes about reality influences how one responds to reality
A worldview has real world consequences
Some Worldviews are harmful
Worldviews are universal
A worldview may be conscious or unconscious-Automatic stereotypical
A worldview may be internally consistent or inconsistent
A worldview is changeable
A worldview may challenge, contradict, or clash with other worldviews
A worldview is developed from experience in the world
A worldview is about God and my purpose in the world
Are people good or corrupt?
#1 Worldviews are formative
A worldview is a basis/foundation which a culture is formed
#2 A worldview is explanative
Life orienting myths, symbols, and rituals provide cultures with a metanarrative, an ultimate story of reality.
#3 Worldviews are evaluative
Provides a basis for evaluating experiences
Epistemology – How we know something is true
#4 Worldviews are supportive
Worldviews provide psychological reinforcement for cultures way of life validating experiences
#5 Worldviews are Integrative
Helps culture integrate new information, values, philosophy or experiences
What do we really believe about the nature of reality (God, the world, and humanity
Metaphysics – The study of what is real or the way the world actually is.
Ontology The study of being
How do we know [Options authoritative, empirical, innate, intuitive]
= Epistemology
How should we act in response to reality (As individuals, community?)
What is the nature of reality
Theology – God
Personal – Impersonal
Immanent – Transcendent
Cosmology – Nature
Material – Spiritual
Created – Autonomous
Orderly – Chaotic
Temporal – Eternal
Events – History

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