Read the instructions below and write 10 paragraphs. ”. Scroll down to the end f

Posted: December 3rd, 2022

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Read the instructions below and write 10 paragraphs. ”. Scroll down to the end for an example!. Use the template.
Instructions for Part 6 – My Knowledge
Begin with your name, date, and class number at the top of the paper. You must include the headings shown. You will write 10 paragraphs. Each paragraph must be 5 complete sentences. Each paragraph will include a citation from the textbook, with the page number. Spelling, punctuation, and grammar count! Remember to capitalize “I”.
NOTE: It is acceptable to use the same paragraphs from your Reflection Summaries for this section.
TIP: How to include a textbook citation: (author last name(s), year textbook published, page number). Refer to the following examples.
Citation from one page of the textbook: (Huber & Lyons, 2019, p. 34).
Citation from multiple pages of the textbook: (Huber & Lyons, 2019, pp. 34-35).

My Knowledge

Lead Generation

Agent Marketing & Promotion

Listing Appointments

Marketing & Servicing Listings

Buyer Intake Appointments

Purchase Contract

Mortgage Financing

Escrow Closing Process

Contracts, Forms, & Disclosures

The below sample assignment is provided as a model. DO NOT COPY this example. Note this sample is just the first 2 sections, to help you understand this assignment.
Ima Student
January 1, 2020
BRE-101-12345 Real Estate Practice
My KnowledgeIn this class, I gained extensive knowledge regarding the topics of lead generation, marketing, and promotion. I learned how to conduct listing appointments, market and service listings, and conduct buyer intake appointments. Other critical topics were completing the purchase contract and calculating mortgage loan financing. Also, discovered the many steps involved in the escrow closing process. Lastly, I learned about the types of contracts, forms, and disclosures involved in the real estate transaction. This section summarizes the knowledge I learned that makes me feel confident in my new real estate career.
Lead GenerationOne of the most important key concepts for a real estate agent is lead generation because agents need to continually acquire new clients. When I obtain my real estate license, first I will contact my sphere of influence (SOI) including “friends, relatives, past and present co-workers, trades and service people” to share my new business (Huber & Lyons, 2019, p. 17). Next, I plan to farm a geographic area of approximately 300 houses in my local neighborhood by holding open houses. To continually fill my 90-day pipeline with new clients, I will schedule marketing activities every day (Huber & Lyons, 2019, p. 18). Most importantly, I will reach out to prospective sellers and buyers to set up appointments every day.
Agent Marketing & Promotion
(finish by including each section heading and paragraph shown above)

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