Requirements of your posted commentary should include: Find a relatively current

Posted: January 4th, 2023

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Requirements of your posted commentary should include: Find a relatively current article (only a year old) on the topics of this unit’s chapters- Geology, Mining, Fresh Water, Oceans, and Coasts
* A summary of the article’s main points; this should be your words and ideas (about 2-4 sentences or about 100 words)
* A discussion about how the article relates to the course material studied in this unit (about 2-4 sentences or about 100 words)
* Why the article is important (about 2-4 sentences or about 100 words)
*Any questions you have about the article- it is ok to not understand everything about the article, show me though that you are incorporating what you are learning into the article and this can include good questions you may have.
* An active web address
*The majority of your write-up needs to be in your own words and not copied from the article or the site but you may use a few quotes properly noted (in quotes) as such to add to your write-up.
Here is an example of a correctly done article assignment:
Origins of the Universe
by John Student
This article, “The Origin of the Universe” by John P. Mills Ph.D is all about how the Universe came to be as we know it. It begins with talking about how early scientists thought that there was no real origin of the Universe. That it simply just existed and was eternal. Then, as time went on they discovered a microwave signal buried in data. They had accidentally discovered the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) that would predict a theory of the “Big Bang”. The Big Bang suggests that anti-matter collided together to form pure energy. As the universe began to cool protons, neutrons and electrons were able to form and create Hydrogen and small amounts of Helium. It then took several billions of years to create the stars, planets, and galaxies that we can recognize today.
This article directly relates to the reading in Chapter 1 of our text that specifically talks about the “Big Bang” Theory. In the test they are more specific about the dates of when they think this event happened, approximately 13.7 billion years ago, however the conclusion is basically the same. It explains just as the article I have mentioned, that the universe started off much too hot for life forms to come about but as time passes the universe began to cool in order to allow the formation of atoms from the energy and particles that were much too hot to do anything before this time. The text mentions that about a billion years after the Big Bang the matter was then cool enough that it was able to come together and create the first galaxies and stars.
This article is important because it gives me an explanation of what most scientists are agreeing happened as to how our galaxy was formed into what we see today. It verifies the text book and helps me to understand a little bit more in a brief summary versus reading the whole chapter. I think that everyone should have some knowledge as to how the universe is formed and what is expected to happen in the next billion years. (Links to an external site.)
the chapter 11:…
chapter 12:…

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