Research about steven colbert as powerpoint

Posted: November 10th, 2022

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research about Steven Colbert as PowerPoint
Include part 1 and part 2
When you view the list of potential individuals, there are many people to choose from BUT do some research on the people to make sure you can answer these questions:
Is there sufficient information available on this person?
Is the information unbiased?
Do you have biased ideas about the person?
Are you very interested in the person?
Can you complete the analysis in time?
One student per selection. This project will be submitted in two parts.
Part 1 should include: Biographical information from birth throughout their life i.e. parents, siblings, childhood, education, career AND the onset of their mental illness(es) and the manifestation throughout their life and how it affected their life. Include at least one video clip of the individual. Minimum of 20 slides.
Part 2 should include the DSM-V criteria for their primary diagnosis and any additional mental illnesses with bulleted points describing how they fit each diagnostic criteria and treatment for the disorders, the 4 D’s and how they pertain to this individual. If the individual has comorbidity, you should present the primary diagnosis in-depth and include the comorbidity of additional diagnoses. Your presentation should include footage of the individual and where there is accurate information, what treatment the individual received. Minimum of 20 slides.
The minimum is 20 slides per Part 1 and 20 slides per Part 2. Many students find they want to do more and that is welcome but not required. It is important to understand that each slide should have RELEVANT information and no slide should only have a photo. Photos are great but each slide should include include text. Citation pages do not count toward the total of 40 slides.

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