Research and compare international and U.S. accounting standards.

Posted: January 30th, 2023

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International versus U.S. Accounting Standards
Research and compare international and U.S. accounting standards. This will enable you to see how the different reporting methods affect business and how product costs are affected by international business.
The learning objectives of this report are as follows:
Compare and contrast basic      U.S. and international financial accounting standards.
Explain how key international      factors affect business reporting.
Identify key compliance and      regulatory requirements.
Prepare a five-page written report with at least four scholarly sources covering the items listed below using APA format
Part 1: Select financial statements for two related (e.g., computer manufactures, pharmaceutical companies, cell phone companies, etc.) businesses; one that uses U.S. accounting reporting and the other that uses international accounting reporting. Identify the following items:
Provide the name, location,      and accounting standards used for each business.
Compare and contrast three      major differences you see in the way the financial data is presented on      the financial statements.
Identify which set of      financial statements you think is the easiest to understand and provides      you with most accurate cost data as a manager. (Do not forget to look at      the notes to the financial statements also.)
Part 2: Analyze and discuss three international factors you think would affect the cost of the products made at the companies you selected and why.
Part 3: Discuss any compliance and/or regulatory issues you think would be involved in the companies you have selected as they relate to the cost of the products made. For example, are there strict regulations on product pricing, tariffs imposed on raw materials needed to make the products, or strict regulations on the wages paid to workers?
Conclusion and Recommendations

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