Research “free infographic maker for students” .

Posted: July 2nd, 2022

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 3. Research “free infographic maker for students” . 
a.  Select one of the free tools listed in the articles, and create an infographic about  one of the following concepts from our readings:
nonverbal communication
b.  Include pictures, graphs, and charts in the infographic, as well as written descriptions of the concept your chose to cover.
c.  Include on infographic AND POST SEPARATELY (so that I can easily review it) a CORRECTLY CITED MLA 8th edition source citation with “accessed” date for website OR article in our modules that is covered in your assignment.  (Professor Pearman does NOT recommend using citation generators (Easy Bib etc) to cite as they are not necessarily correct! Please review this website to learn correct MLA 8th edition source formatting for a Work Cited (but students only need to cite one source at the bottom of the infographic – a full Work Cited page is NOT required).
d.  IMPORTANT: SAVE infographic as a .jpg OR .png  (these are image files that you will be able to ATTACH to your reply in this assignment; most infographic software automatically saves as one of these types of files).  

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