Research paper on Americanization of Education.

Posted: July 18th, 2022

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Research paper on Americanization of Education. (MLA format)
You will have to use the same topic sentence outline that I used, and the same work cited page to get information. Also, I attached feedback that my professor gave from my outline.
This is a strong outline.
Your thesis makes sense, and it is appropriate for this assignment.
I recommend cnnecting the thesis statement to the topic of each body paragraph in your wrap-up sentences. Help your reader stay focused on your policy proposal(s) throughout the essay. You did this well in a couple of body paragraphs, but not in all of them.
The second topic sentence needs revision (please see highlighted grademark for more).
I noticed some errors with MLA format, so I made notes with links to resources that I hope you find helpful. Please see the highlighted grademarks for more specific feedback.

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