Researching the Future 2000 Words A Researched Problem/Solution Paper Your Task:

Posted: December 5th, 2022

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Researching the Future 2000 Words A Researched Problem/Solution Paper Your Task: This paper is your chance to address a problem you see in your future, and to research how you are going to solve that problem before it arrives. Background: This unit asks you to examine the potential pitfalls in your own academic or professional future and, through research, find solutions to one of those problems. You will work with finding and evaluating your own sources before incorporating them into a larger research-based paper. How to do it: This is going to take a few steps. To Find your Issue, you may want to consider: • What issues do you care about already? • What issues do you face that currently suppress your performance in school? • What issues affect your community? • What are institutional issues that affect people? • What are you worried you will encounter in your career? • What problem do you feel uniquely qualified to help solve? • Is there enough research on this topic to actually write a paper? Writing the Problem (900-1100 words): Your paper will first need to not only identify a problem but also understand it. You will need to be able to demonstrate that the problem is real and tell us where it comes from or what causes it. You must also tell us how it will affect you personally. (for example: It’s not enough to say you might drop out of college; you must also explain one particular reason why students in general drop out of college as part of a general trend). Some Questions you may want to answer: • Who experiences this problem? • What causes this problem? • What does this problem look like on a day-to-day basis? • Why are they particularly susceptible to this problem? • What are the possible consequences of succumbing to this problem for the individual? • Why should the average person care? • When and/or where does this happen? Solve the Problem (900-1100 Words): Once you have established that there is a problem and where it comes from, you are now ready to make a plan for yourself. The second ½ of your paper will need to present a well research pathway for yourself, that outlines a step-by-step plan that will provide you with both the skills and opportunity to help solve the problem you outlined in the first part of the paper. You must present reasonable and actionable solutions (your plan can’t include winning the lottery) that you are capable of taking, but you do not to solve the problem by yourself, simply contribute to the solution. Some questions you may want to consider: • What can you do to solve the problem right now? • Who can help you solve this problem and how do you enlist their help? • What kinds of people are already working towards a solution? • What do you need to do to become more capable of solving that problem? • Is there a course of study that will help prepare you to solve this problem? • Is there a particular occupation that works on this problem? What do you need to do to get that job? • What will you do at Pierce to prepare to solve that issue? Research: All papers, regardless of topic, will require at least 6 “B or Better” sources, as discussed in our evaluating a source unit. (Pro-tip: Subheadings can help keep information organized for both you and your reader Expectations • At least 2000 words total – Not including Work’s Cited Page • MLA Citation • A Works Cited Page • Cohesive paragraphs which serve the topic and are organized with a mind towards the paper as a whole. Rubric (as created by you!) Variable Goal Deal Breaker Percent of total grade TEA Paragraphs Focused Structured Paragraphs with short TS that move quickly to E and then A. (2 E’s Max) Less than 6 Paragraphs 25% Sources/Research 6+ B or Better Sources Less than 6 Sources 15% Talking about yourself/Doing the assignment Most paragraphs relate back to you by way of Analysis Paper does not address you 20% Organization Ideas connect and are laid out logically Holes in reasoning, ideas do no connect 25% Sentence Craft Sentences are easy to read with few errors Some sentences are confusing 10% Works Cited Page MLA formatted, all works cited Less than 6 sources or no organization 5% Word Count 1800-2200 Words Less than 1800 or greater than 2200 Only a deal breaker

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