Review the questions below the video you are watching and take notes as you watc

Posted: January 11th, 2023

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Review the questions below the video you are watching and take notes as you watch.
Prepare responses for each question. Please include the title of the video and number each response to correspond with the question asked.
Responses to each question should be at least three sentences, and should be as thorough as possible.
Make explicit connections between the video and other course material in at least one response. By explicit connection, I mean clearly introducing related content (i.e. “as discussed in lecture” or “as discussed in the textbook”).
Textbook link:–volume-2%2F452bb854e0f034eba9f9f456a3d863fc&goto=epubcfi(/6/14!/4/2%5Bch01%5D/2/2%5Bp1%5D)
Video 1

Why did reconstruction fizzle out and how did Democrat’s gain back control of the South?
How was Rutherford B. Hayes elected if he did not win the majority vote?
In the beginning, how did congress try to enforce the equality of all men?
How did the Jim Crow laws affect citizens whom were black?
Video 2 ( week 1 in textbook)

What was arguably the reason why the Industrial revolution started in England?
How can it be argued that India was responsible for the start of the Industrial Revolution?
China, Europe, and India were equal before the Industrial Revolution in what ways that would effect technological advancements?
How is the Industrial Revolution the most important revolution the world over and using the definition of revolution given by John Green how does it qualify as a revolution?
How was the Industrial Revolution one big feedback loop and how did this keep it going?
Video 3 ( week 2 in textbook)

What did the book, “The Jungle,” show about the labor force during the late nineteenth century?
How did Henry Ford adjustments his company where many other companies were not willing to do so?
In what ways did Teylorism effect productivity?
What did California do for its citizens in-regards to voting?
What problems are still faced today that people faced during the Progressive Era?
Video 4 ( week 3 in textbook)

What was the reasoning to the U.S.’s little involvement in World War I?
How did the United States’ national government become more powerful?
Who believed it was important to voice the public’s opinion on the war, and why?
Which laws made it illegal to criticize the war and the U.S. government?
Why were some Americans against immigration?
Video 5 ( week 4 in textbook)

Define “laissez-faire” capitalism and how it affected businesses in the 1920s.
What was the Harlem Renaissance?
Why were farms no longer subsidized by the government?
Who worried about losing their position in the social class?
As freedom of speech became more practiced, which two categories came into conflict, and how was this a form modernism?
Video 6 ( week 5 in textbook)

What made America’s banking system weak?
By businesses going bankrupt and the cause of deflation, how were people in the labor force affected?
Why were Britain, France, and Germany’s economy threatened by the United States’ Great Depression?
Who did President Hoover rely on to bring the United States out of the depression?
Which program helped bring the U.S. out of the Great Depression?

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