Review these two thesis topic ideas and give feedback to two persons. Your feedb

Posted: January 24th, 2023

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Review these two thesis topic ideas and give feedback to two persons. Your feedback will be in the form of questions only. Try very hard to ask questions that you do not have an answer for or that imply a judgment (as in: Do you really think people will be interested in this?) Instead, offer questions that may narrow or refine the idea.
Ask questions to help clarify meaning.
Ask questions to help clarify intent.
Ask questions to help clarify focus.
Ask questions to help clarify audience.
Also, offer resources of documents or people if you know of any that might help your classmate
. 1st person:
How can the school system be improved for students who are Deaf or hard of hearing?
importance: Education for students with hearing difficulties has drastically changed over the years, but there is still more to be done. With how the education system is set up now, there are options for parents and students to choose, but there are limitations to those options. Voicing out the limitations will help spread awareness and can cause change in the system for those students it is affecting. My minor is in American Sign Language and when we have touched on this topic in class, I find it very important. I want to be able to do more research and reach out to find a way to make more changes to the system to help more people.
methodology: I would do research about what options of schooling there are for Deaf and hard of hearing students in Michigan. I could also interview faculty, teachers and students about the Michigan education system for students who have hearing difficulty about their experiences and what change they would like to see in the education system.
2. How has covid affected children’s ability to speak and read?
importance: My major is Speech Language and Hearing Sciences; I am hoping to work in the education system as a Speech-Language Pathologist. That entails helping students who are having difficulties with speech and reading. Due to Covid, schools were shut down for a period of time, right when language acquisition is vital to children. The effects of that on children first entering school who are learning social aspects of life are something to explore further on.
methodology: I would do research and look into articles that touch on this topic. I would also want to interview some teachers on their thoughts, as well as a school based SLP to gather insight on what they have seen the past couple of years due to covid. I would also want to reach out to programs in the state that help children with reading and possibly interview someone to get more information from someone outside of the school that still helps young children with their language acquisition.
second person,
I’m studying Human Resources and I have come up with some ideas that are centered around HR strategy, with a focus on organization design and culture.
How does organizational structure impact company performance – with an emphasis on where the head of HR sits in the company?The placement of HR in organizational structures tells a lot about its significance in business strategy and perceived importance (some research on this from SHRM here). With the role of HR being to make sometimes unpopular decisions, it’s abilities to act in the most unbiased, and strategic way will be inhibited by it being placed under another branch, especially finance. Finance is in direct opposition with strategic HR decisions, that will likely take a longer time to pay off than a CFO would prefer. What does a company lose when it makes this decision? If a CHRO is under a CFO in a successful company, is it successful because of that decision or in spite of that decision? This will add to the field by bringing insight into effective design and may highlight the significance of HR placement on business performance.
To study this question, there will need to be a target set on which group to analyze. Maybe I will pick some Fortune 500 companies and some companies of similar sizes that have filed for bankrucy and check for some type of correlation between HR being in the C-Suite and it not being in the C-Suite. Or maybe I’ll go in a more broad direction and attempt to discover a common design of successful companies, from the placement of HR to the placement of other functional areas like IT, marketing, and client-facing areas.
The cost of bureaucracy – what is impact of a bureaucratic organizational culture on the networking effect and performance of companies?Bureaucratic organizations have a complex structure with multiple layers and rely on the top officials to make decisions. The networking effect is that companies with more connected organizations tend to have better performance. This presentationfrom ReWork Google explains this concept in a very interesting way. This would add to the field by creating quantitative reasoning for why an inclusive, empowerment-focused organizational design is better.
This one will be more difficult to research. How do I objectively define and classify organizations that are bureaucratic, especially from the outside? How can I get the kind of data I would need to create a social network map, and find the correlation between that and company performance? I would need to do some research into different methodologies that would be attainable for the scope of this thesis. I would probably adopt an approach similar to the methods used in the research presented in the video I linked.

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