Revise your first draft resume, based on the advice in the resume handout

Posted: June 7th, 2022

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KEEP IN ONE PAGE, Revise your first draft resume, based on the advice in the RESUME HANDOUT, and the feedback:
here is the job list:
This is an impressive resume for a very difficult job. It feels a little dense, so you might see if you can open it up a bit and use a second page if needed. (I want most resumes on one page, but most students have less experience than you.) My big notes are that some of this information can go and, what you keep, you need to do a better job within each Experience descriiption to shape what you write to what the job listing requires. Right now, you are a little “factual” in your approach. What you want to do is amplify the challenges of each job and your accomplishments in a way that satisfies the listing and makes you sound impressive. (See my examples in the handout.) The job you chose is less of a filmmaking job and more of an office assistant job – HIGHLY organized – but of course, requiring advanced knowledge of how films are made from start to finish. So, in your experience descriiptions, make sure you use each to hit the Qualifications in the job listing. Make sense?
Smaller notes: You might be able to cut Project Highlights, or just merge with Professional Experience. And you might be able to just generally summarize all these projects into one subheader. But this is all really your filmmaker experience any they are not looking for a filmmaker!
But you did a VERY solid first draft. Now you just need to let what’s amazing about you shine through the facts. Please work on this.

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