ScenarioAs the lead analyst in the HIM department, it is your job to monitor sta

Posted: January 19th, 2023

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ScenarioAs the lead analyst in the HIM department, it is your job to monitor statistics for the facility, including the number of admissions and readmission rates. You noticed that the number of readmissions was increasing for your facility. When you reported the findings to your director, Ms. Jacobs, she requested that you create some simple visualizations to be used when sharing information with hospital leadership.
You will need to provide Ms. Jacobs with a report containing a summary that defines readmissions and explains the importance of the data in a word cloud and two graphical data representations. Ms. Jacobs is planning to present your work to bring awareness of the increasing rates and present an argument to develop a strategy to reverse the trend.
Admissions and 30-Day All-Cause Readmission Rates
Admissions – 201
Readmission Rate – 13.1%
Admissions – 197
Readmission Rate – 12.6%
Admissions – 215
Readmission Rate -12.9%
Admissions – 207
Readmission Rate – 12.8%
Admissions – 208
Readmission Rate – 13.2%
Admissions – 200
Readmission Rate – 13.7%
Admissions – 208
Readmission Rate – 13.6%
Admissions – 204
Readmission Rate – 14.1%
Admissions – 202
Readmission Rate – 14.9%
Admissions – 214
Readmission Rate – 14.2%
Admissions – 209
Readmission Rate – 15.5%
Admissions – 206
Readmission Rate – 14.7%
InstructionsYou will need to develop a report that:
Compares three facilities in your state with the statistics above, including selected facilities, size, types, overall ratings, and emergency services.
Using the CMS Hospital Compare Tool; you will need to navigate to the “unplanned hospital visits” tab and scroll to the bottom to view all-cause rates.
Includes two graphical illustrations of the admissions and 30-day all-cause readmission data from three facilities in your state and the statistics above.
Contains a word cloud illustrating key words associated with the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program
Summarizes the readmission definitions and the data collected and displayed in the three visualizations.
Uses professional language and tone with correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation in the report.
Provides at least one credible, professional source as an APA formatted reference.

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