Should it hire more star players?

Posted: November 12th, 2022

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Read the case study I attached and answer all the questions below
Provide clear, well-written, and complete answers to each of the following four questions. Each is worth
25 points
You must use appropriate and correct business writing throughout. That requires your answers to be
specific, clear, complete, and useful – something your boss or supervisor could read and use. Do not waste
space on flowery or superfluous language, but do not leave out necessary analysis or explanation. You
must use appropriate and correct paragraphing throughout, as well as correct grammar and punctuation.
1. Analyze the Chennai Super Kings brand. What factors made CSK a strong brand in India
prior to its downfall? Explain. 2. What strategies should CSK management adopt to rebuild the brand? Should it hire
more star players? What other strategies should it use to rebuild the brand? How and
why? 3. What activities should the team implement to increase fan involvement? Describe what
needs to be done to implement the activities you recommend, and clarify how and why
you think those would be useful. 4. What factors could jeopardize the successful relaunch of CSK? In what ways? What can
the team’s management do to manage and/or blunt those factors? What would be
necessary to make the strategic actions you recommend effective?
The only reference you should have is the case study below. Thank you

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