Speech 3: Special Occasion Speech TOPIC SELECTION ● First, decide what Special O

Posted: November 25th, 2022

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Speech 3: Special Occasion Speech
● First, decide what Special Occasion you want to use: Wedding Toast OR Eulogy OR Award
● Choose a person (or persons for the wedding toast) to be the subject of your speech. This
must be a real person with whom you have/had a relationship (family/friend).
● You can pick the ‘mood’ of the speech – it can be humorous, serious, lighthearted,
motivational… etc
● The facts/stories you include can be embellished with a touch of artistic license but should
generally be truthful and based in reality.
● The speech should be at least 4 minutes.
● You should stand (if possible) while speaking (casual dress is fine).
● Speaking notes should be in minimal outline format and MUST be shown to the camera in the
● Do NOT read your speech. Using any notes other than a simple sentence outline will
lose points.
 Follow the outline below (note the small modifications from the Speech 2 outline).
 Focus on recounting stories that show the character of the person while still meeting the
“mood” and audience expectations of the type of speech you chose.
 You should have at least 3 stories (or main points).
 There are 2 areas to work on in this speech:
o Narratives/ Story Telling: you need to work on verbal and nonverbal displays to
show appropriate emotion. Focus on showing AND telling your audience a good
o Transitions: Work on clearly moving from one story to the other. The audience should
be able to tell where one story ends and the other begins. Be obvious if needed “So
let me tell you another story about….”
 Grading Rubric will include (but not limited to): appropriate speaking outline, lack of reading,
appropriate emotional tone and non-verbal displays (appropriate as based on intended
audience and your own abilities – not based on “neurotypical” or ableist expectations), following
the correct format (from the outline), and time management.
Outline Template Speech 1
I. Introduction
A. Attention Getter
B. Introduction of self AND credibility (aka how you know the subject(s) of the speech)
C. Briefly introduce person you are talking about.
(Transition Statement)
II. Body
A. Story 1
1. Subpoint
2. Subpoint
(Transition Statement)
B. Story 2
1. Subpoint
2. Subpoint
(Transition Statement)
C. Story 3
1. Subpoint
2. Subpoint
III. Conclusion
A. Wrap up (well wishes for the couple, platitudes of loss, congratulations on award)
B. Closing Statement
– The instructions are above please FOLLOW them accordingly 🙂
– Please make the writing as legit as it could be. Also, the use of vocabulary is NOT ADVANCED. (Make it as high school level vocab)
– Please make sure to follow the instructions, and that it doesn’t have any score of PLAGIARISM.
-Also, after preparing the outline, I would like you to please prepare the speech based on the same outline you did. In a word document
– Thanks.

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