Submit a Contract Research Report that addresses the following prompt.

Posted: December 21st, 2022

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Note: Last week, you submitted Part 1 of this Assignment. This week, you will complete and submit only Part 2. You will complete and submit Part 3 in Week 5.
As you will recall from Week 3, you are playing the role of a junior legal assistant for the legal department of XYZ Corporation. The organization has recently undertaken a number of efforts to increase its presence in the local community and is promoting corporate social responsibility and positive social change initiatives.
To support these positive social change initiatives and efforts at ensuring compliance among XYZ Corporation’s employees, Kate Braverman, Chief Counsel of the Legal Department, leads the company-wide Business Law and Compliance Fair to showcase some upcoming policy changes and hold Q&A sessions for all staff members.
Because you have been asked to assist with the Q&A, this week, you will continue your work of gathering information to present to staff members. This week, you will focus on contracts.
Sue is a graphic designer at XYZ Corporation, and she also runs her own business as a photographer. She says:
“Sorry, this is more personal, but I hope you can give me some advice. I just entered a contract to photograph the full line of a pottery company, a job that will involve nearly 1,000 photographs. The contract promises excellent pay, with a specific dollar amount stated in the contract, but unfortunately, I neglected to include any payment terms. Can you help investigate this for me?”
Submit a Contract Research Report that addresses the following prompt.
Kate approves the request and asks you to help Sue. You will need to research the dangers that Sue might face by not spelling out the terms of payment within her contract. Provide her with a research report on these dangers and recommendations for how to correct this situation, if it is possible. (225–300 words, 3–4 paragraphs)
Note: Be sure to reference at least two scholarly sources to support your work. Use the Week 4 Assignment Template, provided in this week’s Learning Resources, to complete this Assignment.
I have included my part one so you can base my second part off of my part one.

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