Submit an annotated bibliography of scholarly sources that you may use in your f

Posted: November 24th, 2022

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Submit an annotated bibliography of scholarly sources that you may use in your final paper. Again, you can submit 4 sources with correct MLA citation and annotations. Each is worth 10 points. See the rubric for how these sources are evaluated.
Use scholarly sources from peer-reviewed academic journals or university press books
Number of scholarly sources
4 scholarly sources for this assignment. (For your paper, you will have more.)
(Example below in the further explanation of this assignment)
Identify the sources using MLA format for the Works Cited page
· Organized alphabetically by first author’s last name (or title of article if no author given)
· Citations should be double spaced with hanging indent after the first line. (You can set that automatically in the paragraph dialogue box in MS Word.)
· Note: This process gives you a start on the Works Cited for your final paper. You will be able to cut and paste the citations into the Works Cited page
Summarize the source and explain how it can be used in your paper in 1-2 long paragraphs.
· The paragraphs can be singled spaced.
· Consider one paragraph for the summary and a second paragraph for how the resources is useful for your paper. It may be useful to included material that you may quote in the paper along with the page numbers.
40 points (10 points possible each source)
You can revise once and resubmit if you want to improve your grade.
FURTHER EXPLANATION ABOUT THE ASSIGNMENTAn annotated bibliography identifies relevant scholarly research and helps you organize that research and structure your paper. The annotated bibliography serves as a mini-literature review in which you explain theories or concepts relevant to your artifact and arguments.
A literature review of a scholarly paper tells the reader: What we know about the topic, what we don’t know, and, given what we don’t know, what is worth knowing. In other words, it reviews what others in the field say and provides for the basis for what you say and why what you say is different than what we already know and is worth studying.
You integrate your research into your paper not in the format of this annotated bibliography, but as a separate section that explains to the reader why your scholarly research leads to your argument (which you present in the deep analysis section). THE FINAL PAPER IS ABOUT BLACK PANTHER SO PLEASE MAKE SURE ITS ABOUT BLACK PANTHER
Requirements: 4 pages | .doc file

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