Submit your expanded Literature Table to the Dropbox.

Posted: July 13th, 2022

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CJUS 4110 M50
Summer 2022
Week 2
Due Sunday, July 17 before 11:59pm
This week, you will conduct a search of the literature, finding sources that are related to a specific topic within the area of school crime that you want to focus on. These sources need to be academic sources such as peer-reviewed journal articles, law review articles, books, or government reports. Newspaper articles are generally not appropriate – but if you think you’ve found one that is, check with me. The UofM library has online access to many journals, so don’t limit yourself to articles that are posted for free!
You will need to obtain at least 5 new articles that you didn’t have last week. You must have at least 10 sources for your Literature Review. If you decide that some of the articles that I provided are not relevant for your paper, that’s perfectly fine! But if you omit some of them, you’ll need to replace them with new readings.
Like last week, the assignment this week has two parts. Complete each part separately and submit both to the appropriate Dropbox folders.
Part 1: Literature Table
1. Add all of the articles you’ve read this week to your Literature Table. This should not be a new Literature Table – you want to add to the old one so everything you’ve read is in one place.
2. Submit your expanded Literature Table to the Dropbox.
3. Identify which one of your new articles you think you’ll discuss in your presentation (you can highlight the article in the table or tell me in the comments when you upload the table).
Please add to this table that is in the attachment

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