Summarize the key problems and issues identified in the case study.

Posted: July 12th, 2022

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six double-spaced page in length, APA style
least five scholarly and credible sources, must use template and attcahments. include an introduction and conclusion paragraph. Your introduction paragraph needs to end with a clear thesis statement that indicates the purpose of your paper.
• Summarize the key problems and issues identified in the case study.
• Discuss relevant facts that contributed to the issues.
• Analyze the accounting practices Avalon Health Care Organization used in determining whether to acquire XYZ Health Care Organization.
o Calculate the following for XYZ from the information provided:
 Current ratio
 Quick ratio
 Vertical analysis
 Horizontal analysis
o Discuss the purpose of each accounting method, including the information obtained from each and how it will be used to make the decision for acquisition.
• Create a visual element (e.g., chart, table, graph, etc.) to convey the financial information to nonfinancial managers who are making decisions about whether to purchase XYZ Health Care Organization.
o Write a narrative of at least one paragraph to indicate which data you selected, why you selected it, and what information it conveys.
o The visual element must use the information shared in both
• Examine at least one ethical situation that arose or could occur based on the details presented in the Avalon Case Study. This can be from the following list, or you may discuss another ethical issue not identified here:
o Use of data (e.g., quantitative and qualitative information) and analytics (e.g., statistical analysis of the data to reveal patterns, correlations, and cause-and-effect relationships) and the affect it has on patients
o Safeguarding patient privacy
o Equal access to treatments
o Reconciling patient care decisions with fiscal responsibility
o Implementing artificial intelligence and robotics
o Devising ethical responses to pandemics and other widespread medical emergencies (AdventHealth University, 2020)
o Equitable patient care
o Impact of expansion, both advantageous and detrimental (e.g., increase in jobs versus negative impact on marginalized populations), to the surrounding community
• Formulate an informed opinion of whether you would recommend Avalon Health Care Organization to proceed with the acquisition of XYZ Health Care Organization. Support your response with your rationale including factors that influenced your decision.
• Examine the strategic plans in the Avalon Health Care Organization Case Study Download Avalon Health Care Organization Case Study.
o Include a recommendation for goals that could be cut entirely or delayed to greater than five years.
o Review the list of goals and revise the priority order or the dollar amount attributed to that goal. Provide your rationale as to how the revised order or revised budget could positively influence the strategic plan and long-term viability of the newly acquired organization.

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