summerize the article pdf attached below for “Egyptian Women Journalists’ Femini

Posted: December 5th, 2022

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summerize the article pdf attached below for “Egyptian Women Journalists’ Feminist Voices in a Shifting Digitalized Journalistic. You will work on shifting a technical register to a plain style you will provide a summary of your selected article’s content. You will communicate these points in a 1-page to 1.5-page single-spaced summary that is written for a popular audience—people not familiar with the field. STRUCTURE OF THE SUMMARY & TARGETED SKILLS Within the structure, the sentences in your summary should be understood for a “layperson” to understand. You want to clearly mention in your sentences “who is doing what.” This includes avoiding strings of nominalizations etc., using clear subjects and verbs, etc. Please give paraphrased versions of the content without relying on direct quotes from the article. CITATIONS & MECHANICS Please include the citation for the original article at the beginning of the paper. You can use the citation provided here, but be clear about which article you are summarizing. The summary should be 1 to 1.5 single-spaced pages long. The paper should be typed and closely proofread. You will later be asked to complete one revision of Summary I based on feedback from your instructor. Introduction (first paragraph) The introduction should give us a brief overview of the article’s argument, including its need or purpose of article. Then, you will include a thesis that previews all of the body points you plan to make about the article. Body (3 middle paragraphs) The summary should have 3 body paragraphs, with topic sentences and supporting sentences. All body paragraphs must reflect points from the article. Your first body paragraph should discuss 2 concepts from the article’s literature review / context Your second body paragraph should discuss method Your third body paragraph should discuss the article’s results/findings/major arguments (if it’s the rhetoric piece) Conclusion (last paragraph) You will wrap up your summary by reinforcing points from your thesis (1 sentence). You should provide any implications or forward-thinking points about the study (this should be stated in the article– you are summarizing this information from the article). check the attached example to get a clear idea.

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