Take each “medication” as it prescribed for 3 days. After the full 3 days of thi

Posted: January 14th, 2023

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Take each
“medication” as it prescribed for 3 days. After the full 3 days of this medication regimen, create
a 2-3 PAGE, DOUBLE SPACED document regarding:
1. any drug/drug interactions, including considerations for administration/ timing and how they
2. any drug/food interactions and how they interact (base this off of your personal dietary habits
as they currently exist)
3. any barriers to adherence regarding schedule, dietary issues (if applicable), and anything
pertaining to perceived or actual issues impacting adherence
4. If you are blessed with health that does not currently require you to take such a regimen, how
did this particular regimen make you feel?
*Be sure to include a References page for resources. Any reputable drug reference of your choice
is acceptable (Epocrates, etc).
You are a 74 y/o patient who is being discharged from the hospital after an acute stay for
cellulitis. The hospitalist said at discharge that she “changed a few of your home medications and
added an oral antibiotic for that pesky cellulitis.” You are given no other instructions except the
following medications to take after discharge. PMH includes: atrial fibrillation, DM T2, postsurgical hypothyroidism and hypoparathyroidism.
MAR Medication taken
Clindamycin 600mg by mouth every 4 hours x 5 days
Coumadin 5mg take 1 tab by mouth every Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Coumadin 5mg take ½ tab by mouth every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday
Metformin 500mg by mouth twice daily
Amaryl 2mg by mouth daily
Calcium Carbonate 1gram by mouth three times daily with food
Atenolol 50mg by mouth daily
Synthroid 125 mcg by mouth daily

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