Technology and innovation can transform complex, ever-evolving healthcare enviro

Posted: January 10th, 2023

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Technology and innovation can transform complex, ever-evolving healthcare environments and it is students who are often on the forefront with creative thoughts and ideas.The University of Cincinnati, College of Nursing is guided by the vision to lead and impact healthcare through the leveraging of technology and innovation.For this assignment, students will reflect on their clinical experiences in the outpatient environment and consider innovative thoughts and ideas which could positively impact the patient or provider.Thoughts and ideas are endless and can apply to the nurse practitioner role or the patient perspective.The students should consider what they have seen in the clinical setting that needs improved or revised?Is there an app that could help the patient or the provider?Perhaps, the student has an idea to redesign a piece of equipment or invent a tool for use in the clinical setting. This assignment encourages students to identify problems in the clinical setting and think of innovative solutions to solve the problem.The student should introduce their innovative thoughts and ideas through a Flipgrid video discussion and share with other students and indicate the following:
Why is this innovative idea needed and how will it benefit the healthcare industry as a whole?
How will this innovation impact the provider?
How will it impact the patient?
Consider the advantages and disadvantages to the student’s idea (i.e. consider cost, implementation, etc.)

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