The cba has specific language concerning tardiness which states: “ section 40 (a.)

Posted: November 5th, 2022

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Your Assignment is to read and answer the following:
Michael Jones is a member of the United Electronics Union (UEU) and is employed at ABC Corporation. The UEU and ABC have a collective bargaining agreement which contains a grievance procedure. Recently, Michael was reprimanded by his supervisor for being one hour late for work and was suspended without pay for one day. Michael feels this suspension is not justified because he had car problems that particular day and called his supervisor before his shift started to inform him that his battery was dead and would be late to work. Michael remembers his supervisor stating “ you’re late… you need to hurry in to work as fast as you can” but nothing else. Michael has worked at ABC for 5 years and has an excellent record as an employee.
The CBA has specific language concerning tardiness which states: “ Section 40 (a.) Tardiness of Employees– Employees are to be at work on time for any particular shift. If a employee is going to be late for a shift, said employee should contact a supervisor immediately. It is the sole discretion of the supervisor as whether to grant an excuse for the late employee.”
Your assignment is to act as a steward of the UEU and advise Michael what is involved in the steps of most grievance procedures. You must also advise Michael as to whether his grievance has merit (meaning will Michael likely win or lose this grievance in your opinion after reviewing all the grievance materials we are studying). Be detailed in your responses. For this assignment, please answer in a type-written double-spaced paper of 1 to 2 pages. Please label your responses “Michael, this is what will happen in your grievance proceeding”: #1, #2, etc. and then finally advise him as to whether you believe his grievance has merit. Make sure you proofread for grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors, as I will deduct points for errors. You need to fully analyze the situation.

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