The first assignment aims to assess analytical thinking as well as technical ski

Posted: November 25th, 2022

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The first assignment aims to assess analytical thinking as well as technical skills in the use of self-service analytics software packages to develop an analytics solution. You are required to understand the business context, apply the analytics software packages to explore the given dataset to unveil the business insights, and make analytics recommendations. You are also tasked to develop an analytics report to convey your findings.
Task 1:
Conduct a critical review of the survey and its outcomes. Suggest improvements to the survey in terms of data coverage and data metrics. You may refer to external sources of information to justify your evaluation.
Task 2:
Develop two analytics solutions to analyse the dataset using data visualisation software packages.
You need to select either one of IBM Cognos or SAP Lumira as the first software to build the first visualization dashboard
It’s mandatory to select Power BI as the second software package to build the second visualization dashboard
It is recommended to explore insights among data to pinpoint characteristics of each segment – for example, age or gender distribution for product type.
Task 3:
Based on the insights obtained from the analytics solutions and any external sources of information, recommend effective marketing strategies (market opportunities, targeted customers, channels for campaigns, etc.) for a potential client intending to enter these new industry segments in Australia. You need to decide on the number of recommendations with a brief justification for your choice. Recommendations should refer to visualisations (a combination of diagrams and charts) from your analytics solutions and external references.
(Note: You are free to make reasonable assumptions and justifications given the educational nature of this case study.)
Report Guidelines
1. The report should consist of a ‘table of contents’, an ‘introduction’, logically organised sections or topics, a ‘conclusion’ and a ‘list of references’.
2. Choose a fitting sequence of sections or topics for the body of the report. Three sections for the three tasks are essential, you may add other sections deemed relevant.
3. You must include diagrams, tables and charts from the analytics solutions to effectively present your recommendations. (Consider using Alt + Print Screen or Snipping to capture screenshots).
4. Page limit: At least five (5) pages for the main report writing but not more than ten (10) pages.
5. Reports should be written in Microsoft Word (font size 11) and submitted as a Word file. (The PDF file is acceptable.)
6. Final submission will comprise three separate files, two analytics solution files and the written report as a Word file. Do not compress these files into a zipped archive, submit as three separate files.
_Assignment1_Solution.lumx or _Assignment1_Solution.cdd

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